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Real  Property Appraisal  Report

■Real Estate Appraisal is a professional appraiser's opinion as an independent, objective estimate of a property’s value .

■Real  Property Appraisal  is valuation   by Licensed Real Property Appraiser, whose license  is a national license .


  • The results of real property appraisal and basis of value or rent

  • General assumption and limiting conditions

  • Identification of the property

  • Confirmation of  physical attributes and and real property interest

  • Scope of work, relevance of the condition related to scope of work, and market value and rent

  • Date of inspection and of real property appraisal report

  • Valuation process

  • Handling of unclear matters and scope of the research

  • Appraisers and appraisal firms involved in the appraisal have an interest in the  real property appraisal or not

  • Name of appraiser involved in the appraisal

  • Name of  a requester and submission destination

  • Publication of the result of a real property appraisal or not

Need appraisal

■Real Property Appraisal Report issued by an real property appraiser is useful as an official document that proves obejective and fair valeu of real estate  when the document with high speciality is needed.

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