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Desktop appraisal report service fee and procedures

VI-1 Desktop appraisal report service fee 

Basic service fees is below

(basic service fees)

1.Desktop appraisal report service fee is ¥20,000 JPN(including consumption tax)

2.Advance payment and cancellation fees are belows;

(1)We receive the advance payment of ¥10,000 JPN(including consumption tax).  We ask you to pay the difference between the advance payment and the amount of the service fee when we submit the final document to you.

(2)  If you cancel the contract, we ask the cancellation fee.

In case of cancellation before work ¥10,000 yen (including consumption tax)

In case of cancellation after work ¥5,000 yen (consumption tax included)


Desktop appraisal report service fee and procedures

VI-2 Desktop appraisal report procedures

1.Free phone consultation, in office consultation,  or consultation through web meeting

2.Consultation at our office or your office

3.If you ask us to appraise real property after the consultation, please notify us. We send the contract to you.

4.Please sign on it and send it to us by FAX or e-mail (PDF). We conclude the contract after we sign on the contract on which you have signed.  

5.Desktop appraisal report is submitted to you 3 days after work

6.If you cancel the contract after we start to work, the cancellation fee is ¥10,000 JPN(including consumption tax).

7.Information below is needed  (information needed depends on the scope of the work);

  1. Information such as building address or parcel number to identify the subject property

  2. Official map

  3. Registry

  4. Property tax notice.

  5. Location map

  6. In case of  condominium, information about floor area calculated by using the center line of wall

Image by Owen Michael Grech

Free phone consultation , in office consultation,  or  consultation through  web meeting.   Please contact  us for  a fee quote.

Business hours: 9:00 to 18:00 (regular holidays Sundays and public holidays)

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